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St. Jude Marathon AJHeroes Giveaway – CONCISE EDITION!

I had a thought the other day that my original giveaway post is a bit…well, cumbersome. To avoid any more confusion (or any more “tl;dr“) I’ll consolidate a bit here. If you haven’t already guessed, I’m raising money as a St. Jude Hero for the St. Jude Memphis Marathon. Thanks to the support of some great sponsors, I’m also giving away a ton of awesome gear! Read on for more details…


1. Make a donation (any amount) to the Average Jane Runs St. Jude Heroes page.

2. Enter “AJHERO” as a personal message when you donate.


Check the blog, Twitter, and Facebook for periodic opportunities to gain additional entries. I have already given two chances at extra entries – all the activities on the blog will remain open until the giveaway ends.


There are TWENTY-FIVE prizes in all! Check them out on the main giveaway post. I will have a new prize post up soon with more details and photos.


I launched the giveaway on September 1, 2011. Winners will be drawn December 1, 2011.


1. You must donate to enter.

2. If you forget to leave the “AJHERO” message when you donate, just e-mail me, message me on Facebook or Twitter, or comment here – otherwise I won’t know you want to enter the giveaway (though I will contact people if I don’t get a message)!

3. I love to thank people – if you follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter with a handle that isn’t your name, please mention who you are when you donate! I don’t know everyone’s real name so I can’t always connect who’s who without doing some digging. If you’d rather remain an anonymous donor/entrant that’s fine, too! But if you’ll let me thank you, I will. :)


1. I’m pretty strapped for cash these days, does it matter how much I donate?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. You can donate as little as $1 and you will have the same chance of winning as someone who donates $50. Some of us can’t spare more than a dollar. Some of us are able to share more. As far as I see it, giving is giving. The amount coming from your heart matters more than the amount coming from your wallet.

2. How many entries do I get for donating?

You will receive FIVE entries in the drawing for your donation. Everyone starts with the same amount of entries.

3. Can I donate using PayPal?

I’m working on it. If I can’t get it figured out through the St. Jude site (I really want to keep everything going directly to them if at all possible) I might set up an AJR PayPal account. I will keep you updated.

4. How will the winners be announced? What if I don’t want my name listed publicly?

I will list the names on the site by first name and last initial. IF YOU WISH TO REMAIN ANONYMOUS OR TO USE A HANDLE IF YOU WIN, PLEASE LET ME KNOW NOW! I have no problem at all doing this, but I need to know before the drawing on December 1st as I’ll post the names that day. I will also be e-mailing the winners directly for shipping information, so please use a real e-mail address when you donate! (I do NOT share e-mail address information AT ALL.)

As always, if you have any questions or concerns – just ask! THANK YOU to all who are already participating and spreading the word. Your support for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital means the world to me and to the St. Jude families with children fighting for their lives.

For those of you who haven’t jumped in yet…what are you waiting for?

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