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Lunchtime Poll #1: Your Weekly Workouts (Two Extra Entries for AJHeroes!)

Here’s a quick questionnaire that’ll give you TWO extra entries in the St. Jude Marathon AJHeroes Giveaway drawing! (If you haven’t entered yet, you’re missing out on winning some amazing gear, so go do it now!)

You must answer each question completely to get the entries. Leave your answers in a comment and you’ll automatically have two more chances to win!

Question #1:

Runners: What is your typical mileage per week?

Non-Runners: How often do you exercise per week?

Question #2:

Runners: Have you ever completed a road race? If so, what distance (5K, 10K, etc.) was your longest race? If not, what distances would you like to try (if any)?

Non-Runners: What is your most challenging workout? What other exercises or sports would you like to try (if any)?

Question #3:

Runners & Non-Runners: What time of day are you most energized and fueled to exercise? Are you able to utilize this time of day for working out?

And that’s it! Now get to posting for those extra entries!

23 Responses to “Lunchtime Poll #1: Your Weekly Workouts (Two Extra Entries for AJHeroes!)”

  • Suzanne says:

    Question 1: I normally run 10-12 miles per week.

    Question 2: I ran a 15K this past weekend and I’m registered to run a half marathon next month.

    Question 3: This is going to sound weird but 11AM-1PM is my prime workout time and often if I’m really productive early in the morning I can get my workout in during 11-1

    • AJ says:

      I love the half marathon distance. It always feels like a long race but less taxing on the body than a marathon! Do you have a goal for the race?

      11-1 is not weird at all. Mine is about 10AM-2PM. Though morning workouts are awesome because you have the rest of the day…I hardly ever get morning workouts. :-/

      Two extra entries for you! Thanks for playing! :)

  • tricia says:

    Q1: somewhere around 35 miles a week, hitting 40 soon! :)

    q2: I run at all hours of the day, one run a week is early morning, a couple mid-day and late night. I feel most energized mid-day.

    • AJ says:

      I can’t seem to get past 20-ish miles per week, even with marathon training!

      And I’m a late morning-midday gal myself. It’s not always possible for me to run or work out then but when I can it sure is sweet! :)

  • Rich says:

    Q1 – 25-30 miles / week.
    Q2 – Completed 6 marathons.
    Q3 – Morning after being awake a bit but before I eat. Usually fits into the work / weekend schedule.

    • AJ says:

      6×26.2=…a lot. :) I’m working on #2 with the Jude in December – one of these days I’ll run one without walking! I WILL!

      One of these days I’ll also have some semblance of a routine in my life and will be able to more easily schedule runs. But we’ll probably have another baby so…who am I kidding?

  • Emily says:

    1. Since I am a new-ish runner, my weekly mileage has slowly been increasing (and by slowly, I mean SLOWLY) for a couple of months. I’m up to 17 running miles a week so far.

    2. I’ve completed two road races, both 5ks. I have a 15k coming up in December, and if that goes well, hopefully I’ll train for a half in the spring!

    3. I’m most fueled for exercise in the late morning. Unfortunately I work during the week, so I can only take advantage of this on the weekends. If I had to choose between early morning or after work during the week, I’m definitely more fueled after work.

    • AJ says:

      Slowly increasing your mileage is smart running no matter what your experience. And 17 miles per week is nothing to sneeze at (and I should know, I’ve been sneezing a lot these past few weeks)! Just keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll get your mileage goals.

      Isn’t it frustrating not being able to use your highest energy times to run or work out? Since The Boy was born, Chaos seems to reign and I don’t feel like I can plan anything, anytime. And, well, I don’t seem to be very energized ANY time lately. :) I wish there were a way to contain energy and save it for later consumption…

      Hmm…that sounds a lot like coffee, doesn’t it? ;)

  • Q1. Depends on the week & training schedule. 25-30 is an average. All walking.

    Q2. Yup, lots of them. Furthest distance is 13.1 and I am planning 26.2 in 2012. (no running)

    Q3. I love walking in the early morning – gets my brain started and ready for the day. Core fitness workouts usually are better after 5 – I feel like my brain is really going by then and understands what I am doing.

    • AJ says:

      I am seriously in awe of your walking. If I remember correctly, I’m pretty sure your finish times walking are close to if not faster than my finish times running.

      I also love early morning exercise…but tend to be a Zombie Runner. If I don’t work out before 4PM it’s not happening. (Though long ago, in a galaxy far, far away I used to work out until around 11PM! That’s crazytalk!)

  • Crystal says:

    Question #1: When I workout regularly, I try to get 3-5 days per week in. (30-60 minutes each)

    Question #2: If you mean what is the most challenging part of my body to workout, it’s my shoulders. They are so weak! If you mean what is the most challenging out I’ve done or own, it’s Jillian Michaels — either Burn Fat Boost Metabolism or Trouble Zones.

    Question #3: Ideally, I like to get my workouts done in the morning. I feel good the rest of the day. But that involves waking up early.

    • AJ says:

      30 minutes is all it takes, even if it’s split up 10-10-10!

      And my whole upper body is sad. I will likely never be able to do a pull up or very many “real” pushups. But I’m workin’ on it. :)

      Having trouble getting up early? I’ll loan you a good “alarm clock”…

      • Crystal says:

        I don’t need any alarm clocks that I have to feed or change, thank you very much! I saw one of your blog commenters is a walker. Since I can’t run, she has inspired me… I think I’m gonna give walking a try. (But it sounds so lame when I say it!)

  • Sarah S says:

    Question #1:
    Before pregnancy, I think I hovered around 15 miles a week, 20-25 towards the end of training.
    Question #2:
    My longest distance to date was 13.1. I never quite got the burning yen for 26.2, but I was starting to roll a triathlon around in my mind.
    Question #3:
    First thing in the morning! I used to get up at 5 AM for my runs and besides the darkness, I loved it!

    • AJ says:

      I’m self-conscious about my cycling/swimming abilities. Like, even more than my running ability. ;P I’m in awe of folks who even consider triathlons!

      And I used to get up at 4-5AM to run. I still get up then, but it’s mostly to run to The Boy’s room and hopefully get him back down for two more hours… ;)

  • Kim says:

    Q1) My mileage varies depending if I’m training for something. On a typical non-training week, I probably log about 15 miles/week. A couple 5ks plus at least 1 10k run.

    Q2) I’ve done 2 5ks (Crystal City Twilighter and Skirt Chasers 5k), a 10 miler (Army 10 Miler), and a half marathon (Denver Rock n Roll Half).

    Q3) I’m definitely a night runner. If I run in the morning, I need at least 2.5-3 hours from when I wake up and eat before running–oh and a big glass of coffee helps :)

    • AJ says:

      I used to be a night runner – now I really don’t have a safe place to run at night. Also, since The Boy came along, night-time is the only time I have to do school work…not to mention that if I had to run at night I’d never run. Exhaustion is the new Black.

      Any plans on a full marathon?

      • Kim says:

        I am hoping to run the marine corp marathon next year as my first full marathon. I ran around from location to location to meet up with my boy and friends that were running it–and the enery was amazing. I just wanted to hop on in and run it too!

  • Paul says:

    Q1. About 35 miles per week
    Q2. Completed four marathons, but the half marathon is my favorite distance. I would really like to do a 50k ultra one day.
    Q3. Prefer the pre-dawn runs. I love watching the sun come up towards the end of the run.

    • AJ says:

      What’s your best marathon time? This will only be my second and as it turns out is NOT for speed. Hopefully I’ll get to work on that in the next few years. :)

      I love the half marathon, too – I wish there were more down here! I further wish I had the time and money to travel and do all the races I want… Not sure if I’ll ever go past 26.2 – maybe if I feel like I reach a speed goal with it and want something more? I’d love to do more adventure-style races.

      I used to like running pre-dawn as well (before I started having to sleep whenever I possibly could). I used to imagine I was on a giant treadmill pulling the sun up. Oh, the mind games we play…

  • Rob Savarese says:

    Q1: About 60 miles per week (peak mileage), 6 to 7 days per week.
    Q2: Race from 5k through Marathons. Would like to try a 50 mile or longer ultra in the near future.
    Q3: Right after work and before dinner. I’ve tried to be a morning runner with little success.

  • EP says:

    Q1) non-runner; three times a week

    Q2) running

    Q3) early morning

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