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St. Jude Marathon 2011 – Training Day 12 & 13 – REST/REST

Yesterday was a scheduled rest day – today was not. It would have been a beautifully non-hellish day to run 7 miles. I’ll give you three guesses (though you really only need one) why I didn’t run.

Not exercising is probably a good exercise for me, though. I’ve always been pretty terrible at knowing when to sit it out. There’s just such a fine line between feeling like you’re being whiny and really feeling like you shouldn’t run. I hope I’m judging things as well as I think I am.

I’ll be swapping scheduled cross-training for 7 miles tomorrow. I’m actually heading to bed momentarily so that I can try to squeeze in as much sleep as is possible tonight. I want…no…need that outdoor long run in the morning.

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