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Ask AJ!

I’ve been chatting with folks on Facebook and Twitter quite a bit lately and while those outlets are decent for quick Q&A sessions, they really don’t allow for much detail in discussions with their text limitations and fast-paced nature.

Since I want this to be more of a community than a personal blog, I thought I’d dedicate a page to your questions and concerns. Simply reply to this post with anything you’d like to ask (preferably running/fitness related) and I will create a post on the Home page to encourage further discussion. All you AJRunners can take it from there! Anyone is welcome to suggest a topic or ask a question – new runners, seasoned vets, non-runners, slow runners, fast runners, run-walkers, and everything in between.

My hope is that we can have relaxed and lengthy conversations about issues that are important to you that won’t get lost in the shuffle of a million status updates per second. I want this to be a place where we can help and encourage each other…and maybe have a laugh or two.

So get to askin’!

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