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St. Jude Marathon 2011 – Training Day 11 – 3 Miles

I don’t know if it’s still the lack of sleep or I’m burned out on the treadmill (I’ve been training strictly inside for the last few months) or what…but I am…so…slow…

I mean, I’m slow anyway. My “fast” is a 10 minute per mile pace and I’ve yet to even get back to where I can do that again. It’s just so frustrating knowing I can run a 5K (and that was over a month ago and with less training) in 36 minutes and now barely keeping 3 miles at or below 40 minutes.

This morning would have been so lovely to have run outside…was in the lower 80s…overcast…but I needed the sleep more than the run! So maddening because I really needed the run outdoors to pick up my attitude which is clearly not very good right now.


Now that I got all that out…

The run wasn’t all that bad, just slow. And on the dreadmill. I thankfully don’t have any numbness in my foot and so far no knee pain. I debated strength training but decided to skip it since my brain and body (mostly my brain at this point) seem to be suffering for my lack of sleep.

I’m hoping our night-time situation clears up by the time school starts and before my mileage gets crazy.

It has to. Right?


3 Miles – 39:20 (treadmill/13:06 pace)

11 Responses to “St. Jude Marathon 2011 – Training Day 11 – 3 Miles”

  • Laurie says:

    Question: Are you running at the same pace throughout the run (minus the warm-up period where it may be slower) or do you play around with the incline/speed throughout?

    • AJ says:

      It depends on my level of fatigue and nagging aches/pains. On short runs I try to run negative splits (and until lately have been pretty successful). On long runs I tend to be more consistent unless I get really bored. :P If I’m achy or really exhausted I’ll just listen to what my body needs as far as pace. The main issue with speed on the treadmill is that I can only go so fast before I can’t breathe evenly and can only go so slow before I’m walking. :) I never move the incline since I have such a difficult time with the ‘mill in general. It’s funny, I could run the most ridiculous inclines in Maryland but can’t run at 1% on a machine. :P

  • Laurie says:

    Hmmm. The reason I ask is because I’ve found that if I play around with the time or incline and make it a game of “2 mins at this pace…” and then “2 mins at that pace…” and go back and forth and before I know it 20 minutes has gone by! So, I was going to see if that might be helpful to assist in the boredum and time. As for the incline, you might want to try working up to doing 1% incline. All the research shows that having it set at 1% better simulates running outdoors (hah, as if it could resemble being outdoors!). But that’s just a suggestion. For me, when I started doing that upon first reading that year ago I could notice a big difference in my form on the machine and my pace.

    • AJ says:

      Hopefully I won’t have to rely on it much longer and all of this will just be in memories past… :P

      Switching paces/pushing buttons is sadly not enough to keep the boredom away. I think it’s probably a really good mental exercise for distance running, though! If I can run for 2+ hours going nowhere…

      • Laurie says:

        I don’t know if you remember that time I was training for the Nashville Marathon and ran 16 miles on a treadmill at the Y, but talk about a mental challenge…. to this day I have no idea how the heck I did that and often wonder if I could ever do that again. But, we all need mental challenges like that [sometimes] – keeps us young. ;p

        • AJ says:

          I do remember that! I remember not knowing how you did that, either. :P I’m hoping it’ll make me fly like the wind once I’m back outside…

  • Laurie says:

    Do you have an iPhone? Just curious since I was going to suggest an app.

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