Average Jane Runs

I'm just like you. And that's okay!

Greetings Fellow Mortals!

Welcome to Average Jane Runs!

Firstly, I would like to thank all those following AJR on Twitter and Facebook who have been patiently awaiting this blog launch. My web design skills are even slower than my race pace, so thanks for hanging in there!

Secondly, whether you’re already familiar with AJR or you’ve just now stumbled across the site – I hope you enjoy your visit! Feel free to look around, ask questions, leave comments, give feedback, and share stories. I’m always happy to meet a fellow runner…and if you’re not a runner, I’m always glad to enlist new recruits! Jokes aside, there really is no pressure here – though I do sincerely hope to inspire and encourage everyday folks like myself.

As the title suggests, I am absolutely an Average Jane. I’m a wife, a mother, a student, an aspiring teacher, and a (sometimes painfully slow) runner. I have completed many races but I have no visions of running marathons in Boston or New York. I will never be an elite runner and I’m perfectly okay with that. My running goals are simple – to stay healthy, active, and fit (okay, and to score a personal record or two)!

I laugh at myself quite a bit and I hope you will, too. My running journey is often solo – it helps to be able to share the funny (and not so funny) moments with other folks out there who are just as average as me.

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