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St. Jude Marathon 2011 – Training Days 5 & 6 – REST & 6 Miles

I was trying to post every day of training, even rest days, but the last couple get the combo treatment. For rest yesterday I mostly worked on blog  posts (well, starting blog posts) and watched vampire smut TV with my husband. Of course the boy slept for eight solid hours while we stayed up too late with Sookie and Bill but woke up almost hourly the moment we decided to go to bed. I think we got about three hours of collective sleep.

That brings us to today. Second verse, same as the first. I’m not sure how much longer I can avoid burnout and/or injury without proper sleep. I almost took a day off (my husband actually encouraged this – citing my posted “rest day guidelines”) but argued that I did get in a 45-minute snooze while the boy napped this morning. I probably should have taken the day off.

But I didn’t – I ran my six allotted miles on the dreadmill. And my, was it extraordinarily dreadful today. I run indoors through most of the summer because I just can’t get acclimated to running in the humidity of the South (and to be honest I don’t really want to). Today I felt like I may as well have been running outside. It was so disgustingly muggy I nearly quit around two miles. I ran at a walking pace almost the entire time.  

Our fitness center is randomly like this and it doesn’t make me happy. It especially doesn’t make me happy on long run days. It was so hot and stuffy in there that I ran, borrowing a phrase from one of my best good friends: “with my can of biscuits hanging out,” or in non-Southern-speak: bared my midriff. Seeing as my abs are still buried under several layers of flab from pregnancy, this is a big deal. I’ve got to be hella miserable to even THINK about showing my gut to the world (or really nobody, I think I’m the only person who uses our fitness center for more than 10 minutes at a time). My apologies to anyone who had to witness that.

As you can see, I’m whiny and sad about running inside when it’s hot. I  honestly don’t know how people run outside in this muck.

I’m starting to feel the aches with my long runs now that they’re beyond five miles. I’m sure a lot of it has to do with my treadmill running (it really promotes terrible form for me), but I just can’t hack it outside yet. I see ice baths on Saturdays from here on out.

And a side note: I tried running with an audiobook for the first time today. Maybe it was the climate of the fitness center, my fatigue, the book choice (a Stephen King novel), or all three, but I’m not sure I’ll ever do that again. I had to kick on the tunes to make it the rest of the way without passing out.

But I made it.


6 MILES – 89:10 (treadmill/14:52 pace)

2 Responses to “St. Jude Marathon 2011 – Training Days 5 & 6 – REST & 6 Miles”

  • Crystal says:

    My fave is to run at about 40*F. The heat right now is a killer, but I’m mucking my way through it. (No treadmill here.) Running early a.m. or just before sunset does help a little. For the sake of your health and sanity, try to get yourself a good night’s sleep. I know the pain of dealing with a kiddo that wakes up often, though. Good luck.

    • AJ says:

      40-50 is about perfection to me, too. Once you’re into your run and your core temp rises they say you feel like it’s about 10 degrees warmer than it actually is. I wish I could get up and beat the heat (I did that in ’08 when I trained through the summer in MD) but 3-5AM is our Who Knows Time (who knows if we’ll be awake, asleep, crying, throwing things, etc.) so I have to tough it out on the belt for a while. Hopefully the weather will break before my long runs hit double digits or I might lose my mind.

      And thanks…I took the day off today (cross-training) and will take my scheduled rest day tomorrow, as well. Yesterday’s run threw lots of red flags in my face.

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