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St. Jude Marathon 2011 – Training Day 3 – 3 Miles

What a difference some sleep makes…a few more…little hours…

This early nap thing seems to be catching on. It also seems to be helping Little Dude sleep better at night. But, alas, we’ve had Eureka Moments like this before that lasted little more than a week so I suppose I won’t count my chickens before they sleep all night.

Got about five solid hours of sleep plus a nice two hour morning snooze while the hubs took on Baby Duty (and doodie – don’t look at me like that, you know you were thinking it, too). He even had coffee made for me when I finally rolled out of bed at the late, late hour of 8AM.

Feeling nice and rested, I hit the treadmill while the boy napped around 10AM (yay!) and felt MUCH better than I did yesterday. I promised myself I’d take it easier today. I really felt like I was exerting less effort and going a lot slower…but by the end of the run I realized I finished about 30 seconds faster than yesterday. The whole Perception of Exertion thing is still mind-boggling to me, but I’ll take what I can get!

Here’s hoping tomorrow’s 3-miler feels just as good…(sleeping kid, I’m lookin’ at you!)


3 MILES – 36:44 (treadmill/12:15 pace)

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